Lib Dem MSPs most rigorous at scrutinising Scottish Government

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has praised his party’s team of MSPs for punching well above their weight as he revealed they were the most rigorous at scrutinising the Scottish Government and SNP Ministers during the last parliament.

The most up-to-date figures from the Scottish Parliament show that over the first four and a half years of the last Parliament the five Scottish Liberal Democrat MSPs asked an average of 483 written questions each.

In contrast, Scottish Labour MSPs only asked 342 written questions each over the same period of time. The Tories lagged even further behind on 201 and SNP MSPs brought up the rear with a measly average of 38 each.

Commenting on the figures Mr Rennie said: “These figures are testament to just how much Scottish Liberal Democrats MSPs punched above their weight in the last Parliament.

“Voters want elected representatives who can be trusted to hold the government to account. Instead, what they got in the last election was a herd of backbenchers who nodded through £500 million in council cuts and the creation of Police Scotland without a single voice dissenting.

“MSPs should be making sure government is working for voters. These figures prove Liberal Democrats have the strongest record in parliament of making sure Ministers are actually doing that. We have the guts to challenge Ministers and provide the scrutiny government so desperately needs.

“With just five MSPs we won the argument for childcare for deprived children, put an end to industrial scale stop and search and threw out the SNP’s attempts to abolish corroboration. With that strong record in Parliament and ambitious, positive programme for Scotland for the next five years, our team in Parliament will grow at this election.

"Just think what we could do with more Liberal Democrat MSPs.

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