Lib Dem MEP to lead European Parliament debate on Trump’s concentration camps

Scottish Liberal Democrat MEP Sheila Ritchie will make her debut speech in the European Parliament as she leads a debate on the situation at the USA-Mexican border on Thursday 18th July.

Ms Ritchie’s motion calls for the relevant authorities in the US to guarantee immediately that all detainees have access to basic rights, such as water, food, health and shelter, urges the authorities to immediately find non-custodial alternatives for migrants and refugee children and adults and urges the government of the USA to start reuniting separated families.

Speaking ahead of the debate, Ms Ritchie said:

“The United States taught the world that Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness are unalienable rights. These concentration camps fall far short of those lofty ideals. The US Government should end these cruel policies and begin to unite families once more.

“Being a part of a strong Europe allows us to speak out and stand up against human rights abuses across the world.

“While Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage cosy up to the Trump administration, Liberal Democrats will continue to speak out in defence of human rights around the world.”

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