Lib Dem Government will end double whammy of gender price and pay gaps

The Liberal Democrats today announce plans to tackle discrimination in the workplace by expanding reporting requirements on large companies, as well as scrapping the gender price gap on all products. 

Today is ‘Equal Pay Day’ - the point in the year when UK women stop earning relative to men. Women across the UK also continue to have to fork out an of average 37% more than men for a wide range of every-day products simply because they are marketed towards women, otherwise known as the ‘pink tax’.

To combat this every-day discrimination, the Liberal Democrats are announcing today that a Liberal Democrat government will extend the Equality Act to require all companies with over 250 employees to publish data on gender, BAME and LGBT+ employment levels, as well as pay gaps.

The Party will also introduce legislation to finally scrap the price gap on all products, building on a Bill tabled by Christine Jardine for International Women’s Day earlier this year.   

Liberal Democrats Equalities Spokesperson Christine Jardine said:

“Equal Pay Day always leaves a bitter taste for women across the UK. It is totally unacceptable that, in the 21st century, women are still hit with the double whammy of the price and pay gap. The Conservatives have failed to take necessary action to help ensure gender equality. 

“Following the introduction of gender pay gap reporting by Jo Swinson during Coalition, there has been limited progress made by the Tories.

“A Liberal Democrat government would help bring these injustices to an end and build a brighter future. Liberal Democrats will end the price gap and force greater transparency on all large employers, requiring them to monitor and publish data on gender, BAME, and LGBT+ employment levels and pay gaps.” 

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