Scotland missing out on pension changes for doctors and surgeons – Scottish Government must act swiftly

North East Fife’s MSP Willie Rennie has welcomed the news that the Railway to Levenmouth is to be reopened after 50 years.

Commenting Willie Rennie said:

“Grit, charm and bloody mindedness has won the campaign to bring back the railway to Levenmouth.

"The Levenmouth Rail Campaign, with the staunch support of local people, has persuaded the authorities that there would be a powerful economic, social and environmental benefit with the reopening of the line. I’m delighted with this progress. Let’s get it built now.”

Wendy Chamberlain, local campaigner and prospective parliamentary candidate for North East Fife, added:

“The railway will bring jobs and a better quality of life for people in Levenmouth and the east of Fife. I’m very pleased that this significant progress has been made.”

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