Leaders debate shows only Lib Dems have a costed economic plan

Scottish Liberal Democrat party president Sir Malcolm Bruce has said that the leaders debate on Sunday Politics this afternoon shows that only the Scottish Liberal Democrats have a costed economic plan.

Whilst SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon refused to set out how she'd pay for her £40bn full fiscal autonomy plans and Conservative leader Ruth Davidson failed to set out where their £12bn of extra welfare cuts would fall, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie set out the full details of his party's plans to balance the books by 2018.

Commenting, Sir Malcolm Bruce said:

"This debate showed that the other parties are in a mess on the economy. Only Liberal Democrats have a fully costed plan to balance the books by 2018 and to do it fairly.

"In each of our eleven seats the choice is clear. People can either have the stability of Lib Dems in government delivering more powers for Scotland, balancing the books by 2018 and delivering an £800m boost for Scotland's NHS. Or they can veer further from the economic path with the SNP's plans to borrow even more than Labour. You cannot have a fairer society without a stronger economy. Willie Rennie today set out how, with Liberal Democrats, you can have both."

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