Labour singing from SNP song sheet on centralisation

Scottish Liberal Democrats have warned that the SNP and Scottish Labour are singing from the same centralising hymn sheet when it comes to tackling problems faced by local economies. 

The warning comes after Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy today called for the Scottish Government to create a central resilience fund to be used to help problems in local economies.

Liberal Democrat Gordon MP Sir Malcolm Bruce today said that the answer isn’t in sucking more power to Edinburgh but in giving the North East what it is owed.

Liberal Democrats have consistently called for the North East to be given its fair share of funding.

Sir Malcolm  Bruce said:

"The answer to securing the long term future of the North East isn't in sucking more power to Edinburgh, it is in giving it the fair share of what it is owed. 

"Our council and our hospitals have been consistently underfunded. Key services have been centralised away from home to Holyrood. 

"A secure and long term future for the North East and its energy sector will not be built on the wobbly foundations of short-term central state hand-outs. People know all too well the reality that Labour and the SNP are singing from the same hymn sheet. Only Liberal Democrats will stand up for truly local services, because we know it will deliver a stronger economy and a fairer society for the North East."



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