Labour are scheming on independence

Following a private face-off between John McDonnell and Richard Leonard today, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has said that Labour is “scheming on independence, just like they are on Brexit” and called on progressives to join together to stop the break from the UK and Europe.

Mr Rennie said:

“Richard Leonard was unable to persuade John McDonnell that he was wrong on supporting another independence referendum. This confirms that the Shadow Chancellor’s comments at the Edinburgh Festival were no mistake and he meant every word.

“Labour is scheming on independence just like they are scheming on Brexit.  They are prepared to trade on both to get into power.

“Boris Johnson is getting organised and is careering towards a damaging Brexit so time is short. 

“The role of the Liberal Democrats in standing up our partnerships with our neighbours in the UK and Europe has never been more important.

“Progressives should come with the Liberal Democrats to stop these vandals who are determined to wreck our country.”

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