Kids suffer as SNP draw up plans for breaking up the UK

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-Hamilton has today criticised SNP plans to hold a referendum on breaking up the UK in autumn 2023 regardless of whether a Section 30 order is granted. 

Mr Cole-Hamilton urged voters to compare and contrast the plans with the SNP's "day of shame" in which ministers blocked plans for the expansion of free school meals, ditched a target for nursery teachers in deprived areas and nearly surpassed its own disgraceful record for the number of people waiting over 4 hours in A&E.

Mr Cole-Hamilton said:

"Tuesday was a day of shame for Scottish ministers. Compare and contrast the enthusiasm Nicola Sturgeon shows for her divisive plans to break up the UK, with the actions of her ministers which will leave children hungry and left behind.

"Angus Robertson hurls insults at his opponents and insists that a vote will take place next autumn but this week's polling shows that just 16% of Scots think another vote is a top priority. He's not just out of touch, he's on another planet.

"Any MSP who thinks that independence trumps the cost of living crisis, the climate emergency and the shocking waits for child and adolescent mental health services needs to take a long hard look at themselves."

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