Kick this dishonest Prime Minister out of Number 10

Responding to the news of a vote of no confidence in Boris Johnson, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-Hamilton commented:

“When so many people are suffering from spiralling bills and the cost of living crisis, we can’t have a Prime Minister just focussed on saving his own skin.

“The rest of the country knew Boris Johnson had to go months ago. Douglas Ross and other MPs have lacked the courage or decency to remove him. If they support a law-breaking and lying Prime Minister tonight then they will be insulting everyone who made sacrifices during the pandemic.”

Leader of the Liberal Democrats Ed Davey said:

“Every Conservative MP must do the right thing and kick out this dishonest Prime Minister from Number 10.

“There is simply no excuse for backing Boris Johnson. He broke the law and partied while millions of people did the right thing and followed the rules during the pandemic, even when it meant being unable to see their loved ones. His behaviour and his lies are proof that he is not fit to govern.

“If Conservative MPs do the unthinkable and give Johnson a renewed mandate, then it will be an insult to all those who suffered while the Prime Minister partied.”

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