Johnson's deal is bad for the country

Commenting on reports that a deal has been agreed between the EU and the UK government, the Leader of the Liberal Democrats Jo Swinson, said:

"The fight to stop Brexit is far from over.

"Boris Johnson’s deal would be bad for our economy, bad for our public services, and bad for our environment.

"The next few days will set the direction of our country for generations, and I am more determined than ever to stop Brexit.

"When this deal comes to Parliament we will use every possible opportunity to give the public a People’s Vote on the Brexit deal that includes the option to remain in the European Union."

Willie Rennie said:

"The Prime Minister and his bad Brexit deal can be defeated.

"Everyone who wants stronger public services, a stronger economy and action on the environment should join our campaign to stop Brexit now.

"Now is not the time to cut and run with independence. It would just repeat the mistakes of Brexit."

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