Jardine to meet RBS Director to discuss rural banking hubs

Edinburgh West MP Christine Jardine will meet with an RBS director tomorrow to discuss her campaign to open ‘banking hubs’ in rural areas which have suffered branch closures.

Ms Jardine will sit down with Jane Howard, Managing Director of the Bank’s Personal Banking section, at the RBS headquarters in her constituency.

RBS has caused controversy in recent months by shuttering over 60 of their branches. With great swathes of Scotland still lacking access to decent broadband, many customers are left unable to access their accounts and are struggling to manage their money.

Ms Jardine is proposing plans to create banking hubs in rural areas, in order to provide financial services to rural villages by equipping other public services - such as post offices - with ATMs and access to basic banking information.

Ahead of the meeting Ms Jardine said:

“RBS needs to do more to provide consumers with offline alternatives and ensure that rural communities are not left behind.

“Bank bosses don’t seem to grasp that many of their customers struggle with online or mobile technology.

“What’s more, with broadband blackspots around RBS bank closures not having been fully assessed, in communities across Scotland people will lose their access to banking.

“For a firm that had no hesitation in taking a taxpayer-funded bailout to now be closing branches used by those same taxpayers seems grossly unfair.

“Creative thinking is required to find a solution and that may require collaboration across the banking sector. I’m meeting with RBS to discuss a way forward, and I hope that they will agree to take the necessary radical steps to vital banking services.” 

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