Jardine to lead debate on Brexit, tourism and creative industries

Liberal Democrat Scottish Affairs spokesperson and Edinburgh West MP Christine Jardine will today lead a Westminster Hall debate on the effect of the UK leaving the EU on tourism and the creative industries.

Speaking ahead of the debate, Ms Jardine said:

"Tourism and the creative industries are two of the lynchpins of our economy. We cannot allow them to be sacrificed on the altar of Conservative party self-interest.

"Tourism contributes £500m a week to the UK economy, while the creative industries are worth £91.8bn a year - more than oil and gas, the automotive industry, aerospace and life sciences combined.

"Many of the jobs and livelihoods that these industries support will be lost if we do not stop this dangerous economic self-harm, yet these are areas which have been almost completely overlooked by this Conservative government.

"If our creative industries are not protected, world class events like Edinburgh Festival, Glastonbury, and many others will find that musicians who used to tour Europe freely with no issues over EU crew or equipment licenses could find the whole process becomes slower, more expensive and in some cases not possible at all.

"If tourism falls, many areas of Scotland, including my own in Edinburgh will suffer badly."

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