Jardine: SNP Have Failed WASPI Women

Edinburgh West MP, Christine Jardine, has today blasted the SNP run Scottish Government over its failure to use devolved powers to alleviate difficulties experienced by women affected by changes to the state pension age.

Across the UK more than three million women have had their retirement plans shattered after suddenly finding out that they wouldn’t be able to retire when they expected.

Despite the SNP’s alleged support for the WASPI campaign, the Scottish Government has refused to use powers acquired under devolution to top up social security benefits in order to mitigate the impact of pension changes.

Following her intervention in the final question time session to the Scottish Secretary before Parliament’s summer recess, Ms Jardine commented:

“One of the biggest frustrations that those of us who cherish devolution feel is the apparent reticence of the SNP to actually use many of the powers that the Scottish Government has acquired over the past 20 years.

“What a difference they could make to the lives of the 6,000 WASPI women in Edinburgh West if they used the powers they already have to alleviate their difficulties, rather than use them as another grievance against Westminster.

“The SNP have supposedly aligned themselves to the WASPI cause, but their obsession with independence means that they are equally as guilty as the Tories in Westminster for failing these women”.

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