Jardine slams government intransigence on pension inequality

Edinburgh West MP Christine Jardine has criticised the government's refusal to consider any compensation for women born in the 1950s and affected by state pension changes or to take on board the bill from the APPG group on the issue.

The Lib Dem MP, who is co-sponsor of a bill on the issue by the All Party Parliamentary Group which is due to have its second reading in April, described the government stance as 'intransigent'.

Her criticism followed the statement in the Commons yesterday (Mon) by the Under-Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Guy Opperman MP.

He said that the Government will not be revisiting pension arrangements for women who have been badly affected by the short notice they were given of changes to the pensionable age.

Ms Jardine said:

"This intransigence from government ministers is completely unacceptable.

"They repeatedly quote the cost of compensating the women who have been affected by this debacle, but never seem to take in board the cost to the women themselves, many of whom have been forced into hardship and poverty.

"Those of us behind the Bill due to have its second reading feel it's time these women had some recognition of the hardship the had been forced to endure through the incompetent way pension changes were introduced."

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