Jardine: Scots Tories putting party before their constituents

Scots Tory MPs are putting pleasing Theresa May before the wishes and the best interests of their own constituents says Lib Dem Scotland affairs spokesperson Christine Jardine.

None of the 13 Scots Tories voted in favour of the successful amendment to ensure that any EU deal has to have Parliament’s approval. One abstained.

The previous night all 13 had voted against a move which would have allowed the option of staying in the single market.

Edinburgh West MP Ms Jardine accused the Conservatives of ignoring the views expressed by their constituents in the referendum when every Scottish constituency voted to stay in the EU.

And she said their actions are now undermining the future of the United Kingdom which they were elected to protect.

Christine Jardine said: “There was clear support in Scotland, in every single constituency, for remaining in the EU and this amendment was an opportunity for them to both respect the outcome of the referendum and also reflect the views of their constituency.

“When it came to the single market the Scots Tories chose to do Theresa May’s bidding rather than pursue the best deal for all of us.

“Tonight they were prepared to let parliamentary sovereignty be undermined. Fortunately good sense prevailed.

“Last week they even chose not to defend devolution against the clause in the withdrawal bill which threatens to undermine it, though they themselves criticised that clause.

“This Government’s hard Brexit policies which threaten the economy, and confusion over whether Northern Ireland will have a different deal from the rest of the country, play into the hands of those who want to break up the UK. 

“It’s time the Scots Conservative MPs showed more respect for how their constituencies voted on the EU and thought about the best deal for them rather than the good of their party.”

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