Jardine says Tories new threat to UK

Lib Dem Scotland spokesperson Christine Jardine has criticised Scottish Conservative MPs for failing to stand up for devolution at Westminster. 

In a debate on the EU Withdrawal Bill at Westminster the Conservatives were the only Scottish MPs not to back amendments designed to ensure the Scottish Parliament gains powers returning from Brussels. 

Edinburgh West MP Jardine said:

“The most astonishing thing was that they refused to support amendments even though several of them admitted the bill is flawed where it deals with devolution. 

“The aim of the other parties is to find consensus and ensure the bill is one that can gain approval at the Scottish Parliament. 

“If the bill doesn’t do that we could be facing exactly the constitutional confrontation with the SNP Government that so many of us have worked so hard to avoid. 

“Brexit is already a disaster which threatens the economy, jobs and the health service, the Conservatives just don’t seem to realise how serious this situation could be. It’s time we all worked together for a way out of this Brexit Boorach.” 

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