Jardine: Progressive politics can tackle the cost-of-living crisis

Liberal Democrat Treasury spokesperson and Edinburgh West MP Christine Jardine will use her speech to the party’s UK conference to attack the Conservative party’s failure to tackle the cost-of-living crisis and say that by working with everyone out there who yearns for progressive change this country needs this generation of Liberals can finish the job that previous ones started.  

Ms Jardine will say:  

“This government keep telling us how well we are recovering from the pandemic well maybe they need to come to constituencies like mine and hear what people have to say.   

Or they should maybe have listened to the voters of North Shropshire and Chesham and Amersham who told them they are getting it wrong.   

Writing off billions that have been fraudulently taken from the taxpayer, while hitting those same taxpayers with a hike in national insurance and stealth taxes.  

Failing to tackle the cost-of-living crisis…  Where is the targeted support for those struggling? the increase in winter allowances? the uplift in universal credit? The triple lock in pensions which would have helped so many of our older population cope with the inflation of more than five per cent and crippling energy prices? And home insulation programmes which would cut our bills and help protect the planet?  

No … but then there were so any work events for them to organise.  

Well, it’s not good enough. We need a government that is on top of these issues, in touch with what people need, paying attention to the people it serves. 


That fairer society liberals have worked towards for more than a hundred years is I believe the only way we will make it happen. 

But it isn’t going to happen on its own. 

And if we are going to drive it now the way Liberals did 100 years ago… if we are to have a new era, a new vision… a new fairer society 

We need to grow, and work with everyone out there who yearns for the progressive change this country needs. 

If we do that… then maybe… just maybe this generation of Liberals can finish the job that previous ones started.”

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