Jardine in Plea to Chinese Consul Over Hong Kong Protests

Edinburgh West MP, Christine Jardine, has today handed in a letter to the Chinese Consul-General in Edinburgh, urging the Chinese government to refrain from using military force to end protests in Hong Kong.

Over the past week, China has issued several warnings signalling that the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) could be sent into Hong Kong amid escalating tensions surrounding pro-democracy demonstrations in the former British territory.

The letter, signed by Liberal Democrat MPs including Ms Jardine and party leader Jo Swinson, calls on the Consul-General in Edinburgh to urge his government to respect human rights and not exacerbate the situation by deploying the PLA.

After handing in the letter to the Chinese Consulate General on Corstorphine Road in her constituency, Ms Jardine said:

“I’ve had many constituents contact me to share their concerns about the rising tensions in Hong Kong.

“Any intervention by China would be completely unacceptable, and sending in the PLA could really exacerbate the situation and lead to more violence and bloodshed.

“Liberal Democrats demand better from China. The government there must respect human rights and refrain from using force of any kind to put an end to pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong”.

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