Jardine: Export statistics show importance of UK and EU to Scotland

Scottish Liberal Democrats today said new export statistics were testament to the value of Scotland's place in the UK and EU and that putting up new barriers to our place in either market would cause "real economic harm".

Official Scottish Government figures published today revealed that in 2016 exports to the rest of the UK amounted to £45.8 billion while exports to the 27 other members of the EU amounted to £12.7 billion. International exports to all other countries came to £17.1 billion.

Liberal Democrat Scottish affairs spokesperson Christine Jardine MP commented:

"These export statistics show that it is imperative that Scotland retains its place in both the UK and the EU. Putting up new barriers to our place in either of these critical markets would cause real economic harm. These statistics are a reminder that no other deal can come close to the benefits of being part of these.

"Erecting a border between Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom would choke trade.

"Similarly, it is time Labour stopped waffling, the Scots Tories put their constituents before their party, and both come on board to protect our place in the single market.

"Liberal Democrats want to give the people the final say on the deal Theresa May strikes with the EU, so they can choose to exit from Brexit if they don't like it."

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