Jardine: Devolution debate must forge new dispute resolution mechanism

Liberal Democrat Scottish Affairs spokesperson Christine Jardine MP has called on the Conservatives and the SNP to come together to form a new and lasting dispute resolution mechanism as Scottish MPs gear up for a parliamentary debate on devolution and the Sewel convention.

Speaking ahead of the debate, Ms Jardine said:

“The Brexit process has been a mess and the treatment of the devolved administrations by the UK Government has been very poor. Unfortunately, the SNP’s response has been equally obstructive. The two governments have had months to hammer out an agreement.

"In all of this the best interests of the people of Scotland have been forgotten. The public would be forgiven for calling a plague on both their houses.

"This debate must be about hammering out a new and lasting dispute resolution mechanism that puts the needs of our constituents ahead of petty party politicking.

"All the evidence suggests that Brexit is going badly. That's why Scottish LIberal Democrats will continue to call for a people's vote on the final deal and an exit from Brexit."

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