Jardine demands reassurances over security at airports

Edinburgh West MP, Christine Jardine, has called on the Government to do more to reassure air passengers in the wake of last month’s drone incident at Gatwick Airport.

Between 19 and 21 December hundreds of flights were cancelled at Gatwick Airport following reports of drone sightings close to the runway. The incident caused major travel disruption, affecting a total of around 140,000 passengers and over 1,000 flights.

On the floor of the House of Commons yesterday evening (7 January), Ms Jardine highlighted how the incident had fuelled serious public concern over airport safety, and called on ministers to take action to address this.

The Lib Dem MP commented:

“As one of the many thousands of people disrupted by the incident at Gatwick, my frustration turned to relief when I realised that the situation hadn’t turned out to be any more sinister.

“However, I was aghast that one of our major airports could be so vulnerable and that it took so long to get it back in play. This was especially concerning given that Scotland’s busiest airport is located in my constituency.

“Yesterday the Transport Secretary continued to stress that incidents like this are few and far between, but he must recognise that it would take only one to cause a major catastrophe.

“This incident has seriously undermined public confidence in safety at our airports.

“I recognise that certain sensitive security measures need to be kept under wraps, but the Government must address passenger concerns and bring forward a report to reassure the public and give more detail on how passengers will be protected at our airports.” 

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