Jardine: Cost of airport success should not be sleepless nights

Edinburgh Airport is one of the busiest international airports in the UK, a vital and growing hub for tourism and industry for Edinburgh and much of Scotland. However, the changing nature of the air traffic and the timing of flights has put the airport and local communities at loggerheads. 

Ms Jardine highlighted that as the airport has grown, residents have reported an increased disturbance due to night time flights.  

Ms Jardine said:

“There is no doubt that Edinburgh airport provides a vital aspect of our connectivity for foreign markets and tourism which is absolutely essential for the local economy, but the cost of being an international tourist and business hub should not be sleepless nights and distress for residents.

“Restrictions on night flights are the responsibility of the local authority and I hope that Edinburgh Council will think hard on how they can minimise the impact of night flights on residents who live near the airport.

“In Edinburgh West, everybody from individual holiday makers and tourist businesses right up to international concerns like Diageo and RBS depend on the airport. But that has to be balanced with the needs of the community around the airport and under its flightpath." 

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