Jardine comments on gender pay gap reporting coming into force

Liberal Democrat Scottish Affairs spokesperson and Edinburgh West MP Christine Jardine has today marked mandatory gender pay gap reporting for firms with over 250 employees coming into force.

Ms Jardine said:

“So many people told us that the gender pay gap was a myth. These figures prove it is not.

"Mandatory reporting should open up the issue and allow women to know what’s going on in their workplace.

“The website #paymetoo then encourages them to talk to their colleagues and their bosses and say “can we address this?”

“This is an issue that even the Prime Minister has called a burning injustice and we are working with all parties in Westminster to change it. 

“Liberal Democrats are very proud of the role we played in introducing gender pay gap reporting but now it is the job of all of us to address this issue and ensure that companies put action plans in place to break down these barriers.”

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