Jardine: Claim that journalists excluded from PM press conference “not acceptable”

Former journalist and MP Christine Jardine has hit out at the exclusion of the National newspaper’s representatives from Prime Minister Theresa May’s press conference in Glasgow today describing it as “incompetent”.

The Liberal Democrat described the claim that it was due to “limited capacity” as weak.

The former BBC and Press Association journalist said:

“We all know that there are times when events have to be ‘pooled’, but that’s not the case here and for the PM’s team to leave themselves open to this sort of criticism is incompetent.

“Surely when the country is facing the most important decision for generations the Government should want to ensure not only the widest and best coverage, but not allow anything to distract from the issue.

“Brexit is going to have a disastrous effect on the UK’s economy. There is no use in Theresa May defending her deal to an audience of her own picking. Just like it’s not worth her holding a debate on the deal if she isn’t going to allow the Liberal Democrats to present the case for a people’s vote and a chance to exit from Brexit.

“This allows the claim that journalists are being excluded, a tactic previously deployed by Trump and Alex Salmond. That is not acceptable.”

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