Jardine calls on councils to back her bill on asylum seekers’ right to work

Liberal Democrat MP Christine Jardine has welcomed Glasgow City Council’s proposals to introduce a pilot scheme allowing asylum seekers the right to work, but has called for any rule change to come into effect after three months rather than six.

Today it was announced that an multi-agency task force in Glasgow had recommended that the Home Office introduce a city-wide pilot scheme which would allow asylum seekers to work six months after their claim to stay in the UK has been submitted.

Ms Jardine introduced a Bill in Parliament this January which would give asylum seekers the right to work after 3 months, a move backed by the Lift the Ban coalition.

Ms Jardine said:

“It is cruel and undignified that the vast majority of people who have risked so much to come here to contribute are being denied the right to work.

“These pilot scheme recommendations are certainly a step in the right direction, but they don’t go far enough.

“If local councils around the country are serious about implementing these changes they should lobby the Home Office to get behind my bill.

“If successful, it would ensure asylum seekers are immediately valued in our society by being allowed to work after three months of lodging their claim for asylum.

“This would help them to contribute to society, learn English and integrate into their communities, all the while saving the tax payer millions in support and housing payments”.

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