Jardine calls for action to support Edinburgh West family desperate for cannabis-based medicine

Edinburgh West MP Christine Jardine has today called for action to support parents - like her constituent Karen Gray - who are desperate for the cannabis-based medicines which they believe could end their child’s suffering and which have been promised by the UK Government.

In November last year the Home Secretary bowed to pressure to allow specialists to legally prescribe the medicines but so far only a handful of prescriptions have been issued because of restrictive guidelines and this weekend a mother was arrested after she travelled to Holland to have the drugs prescribed for her daughter.

Speaking after she pressed ministers on the issue in the House of Commons today, Ms Jardine said:

“I will now be writing again to the Secretary of State about Murray’s case to see what can be done to help him.

“When ministers agreed to legalise medicinal cannabis, thousands of families like the Grays were offered a glimmer of hope that they would finally be able to access this life changing treatment.

“Sadly while there is an openness among ministers to these changes, there is still a gulf between words and action. 

“The Government must act to reassure parents like my constituent Karen Gray, who are worried that their children will suffer or even die because they have been blocked from accessing these potentially life changing treatments.

“I want the Government to work with clinicians, professional bodies and the devolved administrations to ensure that these treatments are available as quickly as possible and the promise that was made fulfilled.”

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