Jardine: Ageing population shows need for EU migrants

Scottish Liberal Democrat Scotland spokesperson Christine Jardine MP said today (Thurs Oct 26) that the latest figures confirm that Brexit could deal a massive blow to Scotland’s economy by depriving it of a younger, working population.

The figures, from National Records of Scotland show that without EU migration the population of Scotland is projected to rise by only 2% by 2041.

In this scenario, Scotland’s working age population is projected to decline by 3% over the next 25 years, while at the same time the pensionable age population is projected to increase by 25%. That would make more of the population dependent on fewer tax payers. 

Responding to the figures, Ms Jardine said:

“With population growth slowing and our population getting older, the continued supply of workers from across Europe is essential for our health service and our economy. Their contribution is already plugging skills gaps and funding public services.

"Unfortunately it now appears Theresa May’s plans ignore the needs of the NHS and British business for workers from our European neighbours. 
“The Conservatives now seem willing to damage our NHS and our economy in their rush for an extreme Brexit. This once again shows why when the facts of Brexit are known, the public must be allowed to have their say on it in a referendum, so they can exit from Brexit if they decide to do so.”

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