Jardine accuses SNP of hypocrisy on Brexit

Liberal Democrat MP Christine Jardine has today accused the SNP of “hypocrisy” for opposing Brexit but refusing to support giving the people a vote on the final deal.

Only a few weeks after hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets to demand a final say on Brexit, Ms Jardine called on the SNP to back that movement in a debate in Westminster Hall on the implications for Scotland when leaving the EU.

Following the SNPs dismissal of the suggestion, Ms Jardine said:

“Yet again the SNP is putting its own narrow nationalist agenda first, to the detriment of what is best for Scotland.

“Brexit presents an immediate threat to the Scottish economy and public services. From barriers to EU staff and students coming to work and study to the deep damage to our NHS, the impact is already being felt.

“However, instead of being straight with the people of Scotland the SNP are using any excuse to churn up the argument for independence.

“It is hypocrisy for the SNP to lament the consequences of Brexit and do nothing about it. They must join the growing movement across the UK, oppose the Tories and defend Scotland’s interests by supporting a people’s vote on the final deal.”

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