Watch our new video 📺: A fair, decent and tolerant Scotland

It is hard to imagine a more turbulent time.

With the decision to split us from Europe, the threat of independence and an education system and NHS struggling to cope.

But there is hope. There is one political party that is standing up for a fair, decent and tolerant Scotland. The Scottish Liberal Democrats.

Scottish Liberal Democrats stand, firmly and proudly, for Scotland’s place in the United Kingdom and our place in the European Union too. We must stand together with our neighbours to boost our economy, maintain our security and protect our environment.

So we oppose plans to break up the UK. 

And we believe the British people should have the final say on Brexit in a referendum – so that we can choose to stay in the EU if the Conservative Brexit deal is damaging to our country.

Whilst the SNP and Conservatives divide us on independence and Europe we are determined to make Scotland a fair, decent and tolerant country. 

We will invest and change our education and our health service. 

We want change and investment to create opportunity for everyone – no matter what their background.

Scotland used to have one of the best education systems in the world. But it is now just average.  We want to invest in colleges, schools and nurseries to get it back to the best.

The NHS is under real pressure. For instance, mental health services need a step change so that the million people who experience mental health problems can get the help they need.

People want change.  After all the division on independence and Europe the Liberal Democrats offer hope.

It’s why Liberal Democrats are winning again.

It’s why we beat the Conservatives in Richmond, the SNP in Inverness and the Labour Party all across the country.

We are winning because we are standing up for Scotland in the UK, the UK in Europe and for a fair, decent and tolerant Scotland.

The Liberal Democrats are back.

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