Jamie Stone pledges to go plastic free for lent

Lib Dem Far North MP Jamie Stone has pledged to give up single-use plastic for lent in partnership with Tearfund, a development charity working to set up waste recycling hubs in some of the world’s poorest communities.

More than half the plastic in our oceans is estimated to come from developing countries, where 2 billion people don’t have their waste collected. Without waste collection people have to dump or burn their waste.

Tearfund is partnering with UK Aid Match Scheme where match funding from the UK Government will be used to set up recycling hubs in come of Pakistan’s poorest slums. You can find out more about the campaign here.

Commenting Mr Stone said:

“People are becoming more and more aware of the problem of plastic with David Attenborough’s Blue Planet catching public imagination.

“However, few people realise that our waste has an impact both at home and abroad, as much of it is sent overseas for recycling, often to nations with lower environmental standards.

“Two billion people worldwide don’t have their rubbish collected, which leads to disease and death. We can change this by supporting Tearfund’s Matched Giving Appeal to tackle waste problems in the world’s poorest areas, and by reducing our own waste.

“That’s why I have pledged to give up single use plastic for lent. I’m sure it will be a difficult challenge but we need to reduce our plastic consumption and change our throwaway culture.

“Each single-use plastic product we save is one less in landfill, the ocean or an incinerator, or one less item shipped overseas for another country to deal with.

“I would encourage all people in Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross to join me and make a plastic pledge this lent.”

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