Islanders will be wary of nationalists bearing gifts

Scottish Liberal Democrat Shetland MSP Tavish Scott has said that Nicola Sturgeon's independence promises to Shetland show that the nationalists do not understand local calls for more power.

Speaking from his Shetland constituency today, Mr Scott said:

"This shows that the SNP just don't get it. Islanders don't want more powers administered by a central belt, distant government. They want control over their own resources. The nationalists plans simply move power from London to Edinburgh. Liberal Democrats want home rule all round.

"Islanders will be wary of centralising nationalists bearing gifts. Given that the SNP's power promises are conditional on a vote for their independence plans, Nicola Sturgeon's whistle stop tour from Edinburgh is a gun to the head - vote for us or else you get nothing. Islanders are not taken in and that is why Shetland will vote No Thanks in three weeks time."

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