Is that it?

Earlier today the SNP launched their manifesto at a glitzy venue in Edinburgh. But once the slick videos had finished and the music died down, there was only one question in my mind.

Is that it?

After nine years of government you would have expected a programme that was as bold and ambitious.

Instead, we got a manifesto that was utterly complacent about the big challenges that we face as a country.

To call their plans timid does not go far enough.

The SNP rail against austerity but rejected progressive Liberal Democrat proposals for a penny on income tax that would let us make a transformational investment in education.

The SNP talk up their record on climate change but want to cut taxes for airlines that mean we will generate more carbon emissions from air travel.

The SNP trumpet their record on justice but have failed to apologise for their disastrous centralisation of our local police services.

After five years of failure with the SNP, the next five years of the Scottish Parliament need to be about education. About mental health services, the environment and civil liberties.

But the first questions that Nicola Sturgeon answered after her speech today were about a second referendum.

We need a government that will get to grips with the challenges we face as a country right now, not obsess over independence.

Scotland can't wait for the SNP any longer.

In the last parliament, Liberal Democrats secured extra childcare for families despite the opposition of the SNP. We reversed college cuts and led opposition to the centralisation of our police.

In contrast to the timid SNP, our manifesto includes action to double support for mental health services for children, more money for GPs and a massive investment in our education system paid for through the tax powers of the Scottish Parliament.

That is the sort of bold agenda that Scotland needs.

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