Incredible pressures on businesses not helped by absolutist politics - Rennie

Businesses and the Scottish economy are under incredible pressure from the pandemic, much needed climate change reforms and Brexit, according to Willie Rennie MSP, and additional uncertainty added by the absolutist politics of the SNP, Conservative and Green parties will only damage recovery.     

Speaking in a debate in the Scottish Parliament on the Programme for Government this afternoon, the Scottish Liberal Democrat economy spokesperson responded to speeches by colleagues on the nationalist and conservative benches which focused on the constitutional debate rather than supporting businesses and aiding recovery. 

In one faux pas, a Conservative MSP claimed that 'Independence would be ten times worse than Brexit', despite her party's positive view of the latter.  

Mr Rennie said: 

"We need to learn from the mistakes of Brexit and not repeat them. The extremes of the SNP and the Tories on the constitution and the Greens and Conservatives on the economy don't help us move forward.

"Recovery must be about finding the right balance for our economy and supporting businesses to evolve. Taking account of the social impact, the economic impact, as well as well as the environmental impact.

"Businesses have enough to deal with, from the pandemic and the delayed impact of Brexit, alongside necessary environmental reforms. For me, adding on top of that the challenge of independence would be reckless.

"Governments need to focus on delivering on areas that will make a real difference. Such as much needed reforms to the skills, apprentice and training regimes, in order to deliver the workers of the future, we need a twelve-month Covid recovery scheme, and of course we need to support our struggling universities which are major economic drivers in Scotland."


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