Hume to make the case for car smoking ban

Scottish Liberal Democrat South of Scotland MSP Jim Hume will tomorrow (Tuesday 23rd June) make his case for his bill to ban smoking in cars with children present.

In evidence to Holyrood's health committee, Mr. Hume will provide information taken from a number of respondents to his consultation on the Bill.

Mr. Hume will also provide information on issues such as protecting children's health from the effects of second hand smoke, enforcing the Bill, and the necessity for legislation in bringing more understanding of the detrimental effects of second hand smoke.

Speaking ahead of the evidence session, Mr Hume said:

"My proposals to ban in cars with children present would give every child the freedom to lead a healthy life if they choose to.

"60,000 children each week are exposed to second-hand smoke in vehicles.

"It doesn't seem fair that a child should be cooped up in a smoke-filled car during the school run. Those children cannot change their means of transport, let alone take steps to immediately remove themselves from the uncomfortable confines of a smoke filled car.

"I look forward to making my case to the health committee."

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