Hume: SNP to blame for NHS bed blocking crisis

Scottish Liberal Democrats have said that fault lies squarely at the SNP Government’s door for a crisis in Scotland’s hospitals which has resulted in thousands of beds being blocked by patients clinically able to leave hospital.

Figures revealed today showed that in December last year, despite the NHS in Scotland catering for a tenth of the population of England, the number of bed blocking days represented a quarter of that of England’s. 31,610 bed blocking days were reported in Scotland, with two NHS Grampian hospitals accounting for a tenth of all delayed discharges.

Scottish Liberal Democrats earlier today urged to the Scottish Government to explain why its previous claim to have brought all health boards within 1 percent of funding parity had not been reflected in the actual funds. NHS Grampian was still two percent below parity – which is a shortfall of around £17m.

Scottish Liberal Democrat health spokesperson Jim Hume MSP said the SNP has had long enough to sort out Scotland’s NHS crisis.

Commenting, Mr Hume said:

“The fault for Scotland’s NHS crisis lies squarely at the door of SNP Ministers, who have taken their eye off the ball as they focus on their independence campaign.  As a result, Scotland’s bed blocking days are a quarter of that in England, despite our hospitals serving a tenth of England’s population.

“The very same hospitals and communities being short changed by SNP ministers are the same hospitals and communities facing worsening waiting times, increased bed blocking and staffing shortages.  It doesn’t need Sherlock Holmes to explain that the cause of Scotland’s NHS crisis is elementary.


“Scottish Liberal Democrats have long warned that cutting hospital beds without putting adequate community resource in place will only increase the pressure on our hospitals. People will wonder why the SNP Government is yet to recognise the real problems NHS staff and local communities have long known.”


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