Hume slams hypocrisy of SNP climate change calls

Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP Jim Hume has slammed the SNP Government today for the hypocrisy of calling on Scots to tackle climate change when Ministers plan to cut £50 million from the climate change budget.

Today the Scottish Government unveiled a new national campaign to encourage more people to help fight climate change, with recent surveys revealing around half of people living in Scotland acknowledge climate change is an immediate and urgent problem.

Yesterday Mr Hume questioned the First Minister over the government’s environmental record saying that under the draft budget, climate change funding could be cut by almost 10%. Green energy funding has already been cut in previous years, including in 2014-15 when it fell by £20 million because of ‘reprofiling’.

Mr Hume said: “While this public awareness campaign is welcome, the SNP government needs to recognise that it too could do more.

“Ministers plan to slash its spending on tackling climate change by £50m next year, despite the fact our legally-binding emissions targets have been missed four years in a row.

“Scots recognise that climate change is an immediate and urgent problem. The fact the SNP government is scaling back its support for tackling this issue suggests ministers don’t agree.”

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