Hume: short sighted SNP decisions will have long-term impact

South of Scotland MSP Jim Hume has hit out at the SNP’s short-sighted decisions on public services as the SNP cabinet prepares to meet in Dumfries today.

Mr Hume warned that people wanted both of Scotland’s governments working to boost the economy, instead of campaigning to deliver independence by the back door.

The Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP pointed towards Liberal Democrat-led cuts to taxes, increases to pensions and the creation of new jobs as part of plans to build a stronger economy and a fairer society for people across the South of Scotland.

Speaking ahead of the Scottish Cabinet’s visit to Dumfries on Monday 26th January, Scottish Liberal Democrat South Scotland MSP Jim Hume said:

“Under the SNP’s watch, police counters have closed to the public, courts have closed, police and fire control rooms no longer operate from Dumfries, and at one point there were armed officers on our high streets during routine patrols across Dumfries and Galloway.

“The SNP have presided over damaging reforms to our emergency services putting at risk community safety and rural employment.

“And still the SNP refuse to admit they took their eye off the ball while they were busy campaigning for independence despite experts warning of a crisis in the NHS.

“People will be astounded to learn that the Scottish Government ended last year with a half billion underspend. This runs contradictory to their claims that austerity was forcing their hand into unpopular and short-sighted decisions to close courts, centralise Scotland’s police forces and refrain from giving schools and hospitals badly needed support.

“Only Liberal Democrats can be trusted with both a strong economy and a fair society. In government we’ve proved our commitment to building a stronger economy by tackling the budget deficit, helping business create two million jobs, including 170,000 in Scotland. With lower taxes, higher pensions, new jobs and more childcare, Liberal Democrats are building a stronger Scotland with new powers on the way.

“It’s time people across the south of Scotland had both of their government’s working to boost the economy, instead of the SNP in the Scottish Government now campaigning to deliver independence by the back door.”


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