Hume: New budget will fail to solve crisis in GP services

Scottish Liberal Democrat health spokesman Jim Hume MSP has warned that the crisis in primary care looks set to continue, as today’s budget fails to allocate much-needed resources to GP services.

Mr Hume has echoed the disappointment of the Royal College of General Practitioners (Scotland) that today’s budget failed to provide a step towards appropriate funding for GP services in 2016-17.

Mr Hume said: “GP practices in Scotland have been under-resourced and overstretched for years. The Deputy First Minister knows that – he’s been warned about the crisis in primary care time and time again by GPs on the ground. Even the Health Secretary admitted last week the way primary care services are delivered is not working.

“The First Minister set out her vision for primary care, saying patients should be able to access health care as much as possible in their local communities. How can that vision be delivered if GPs receive less and less every year? There needs to be a shift in resources otherwise the crisis in primary care looks set to continue.”

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