Hume backs calls for an end to Gaza conflict

Scottish Liberal Democrat south of Scotland MSP and Convener of the Parliament’s Cross Party Group on Palestine, Jim Hume, has backed Liberal Democrat Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg’s calls for Britain to suspend the sales of military equipment to Israel.

Mr Hume addressed a protest outside the Scottish Parliament today calling for an end to the armed conflict in Gaza.

Speaking after the event, Mr Hume said:

“Today we saw people from across Scotland gather at Holyrood to express their concerns over the ongoing appalling humanitarian crisis in Gaza. This conflict has claimed around 1,900 lives, many in Scotland have felt personally affected by the sheer scale of the destruction and loss.

“In my many years as a representative in the Scottish Parliament I have taken an active interest in supporting efforts to halt the violence which has resulted in the loss of many, many lives and has led to the humanitarian crisis of which we witness in Gaza today. I firmly support the UK Deputy Prime Minister’s efforts to stop weapons being exported from Britain to Israel.

“The clear position of the Deputy Prime Minister and the £15 million package of aid from the UK Government in response to the crisis is a demonstration of our shared opposition to further armed conflict and of our shared commitment to bring about a lasting and stable peace for Palestinians and Israelis.

“Whilst the UN, the EU and national governments have and should continue to work to find a diplomatic solution brought about outside of an arena of war, there is also a responsibility to support those who find themselves without food, water or basic amenities at this time of crisis in Gaza. I ask everyone who can to do what they can to contribute to aid efforts.

“The people of Palestine have the right to live free from fear of attack on their homes and with confidence in the security to live normal lives. These are rights which can only be achieved through peaceful reconciliation.”

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