How to vote by post - a step by step guide

In the next few days, postal votes will be landing on doormats across Scotland. Here's a quick & easy guide on how to complete yours:

  1. Complete your ballot papers. Remember, you have two votes at this election, so complete both the Peach and Lilac ballot papers.

  2. Seal your ballot papers in the smaller envelope.
    Put the ballot paper inside envelope A

  3. Sign the declaration AND fill in your date of birth. (This is really important, your vote won't be counted if you don't fill them both in!)
    Sign the declaration & fill in your date of birth

  4. Put the sealed smaller envelope in the larger envelope along with your completed declaration and post right away!
    Then place envelope A & the declaration inside Envelope B

It's that simple.

Not sure who you should vote for? Here's 56 reasons (and counting) you should put both your crosses against the Scottish Liberal Democrats:

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