Homeshare can help solve the housing crisis

Responding to confirmation that the number of Scottish households is expected to increase by around a third over the next two decades, Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton has called on the Scottish Government to back Lib Dem calls for a National Care and Accommodation Exchange.

Household numbers are expected to increase by 317,000 by 2041. The number of households headed by someone over the age of 70 is expected to increase by 58%.

Homeshare schemes help match elderly or disabled people who have an extra room with others who could live with them and help out.

Alex Cole-Hamilton said:

“The steep jump in household number projections calls for creative solutions. I’ve lauded the benefits of homeshare schemes before, pairing people with empty rooms in elderly households has the potential to ease strains on the social care system and hugely benefit both parties.

“There are plenty of older people who would welcome the company of a lodger, and an ample supply of people in need of reasonably priced housing.

“I want the Minister for Housing to back Lib Dem calls for a National Care and Accommodation Exchange, which would match people who are willing to give 10 hours a week of support to vulnerable residents with accommodation.

“It’s a win win way to address the plague of loneliness that is affecting thousands of older Scots and make swift and efficient use of existing housing stock.”

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