Liberal Democrats Home Rule plan for Scotland

On Thursday 18 September, Scottish voters will go to the polls to decide whether Scotland should remain part of the UK or become an independent country.


Liberal Democrats across the UK are campaigning to keep Scotland part of our family of nations because together we are stronger, safer and more prosperous.

Under Liberal Democrat plans a 'No' vote on 18 September will mean the start of change and herald the beginning of a stronger Scotland within the UK.

Liberal Democrats have set out a delivery timetable for the next stage of Scotland's Home Rule journey.

This timetable begins on the day after a ‘No’ vote and includes the publication of a draft Bill giving Scotland major new financial powers, published by the end of January.

Under the plans, Scotland will have new powers over income tax and social security.  

The priority is further devolution of tax powers, in particular income tax, to increase the financial autonomy and accountability of the Scottish Parliament.

Control of housing benefit will also be devolved to Scotland, while the core of the welfare state will continue to share risk and resources with the rest of the UK.  

These plans show that Scotland can have the best of both worlds. Scotland can have real change without irreversible separation and the risks to jobs and future prosperity.

The Liberal Democrats are setting out a clear plan to give the people of Scotland certainty that change is coming.


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