Hollow statement on armed policing will reassure no-one

Scottish Liberal Democrats have criticised the Justice Secretary's hollow statement on armed policing, warning that it will reassure no-one.

Speaking after the statement, Scottish Liberal Democrat justice spokesperson Alison McInnes MSP said:

“The Justice Secretary’s hollow statement on armed policing reassured no one. He should have explained the decision to deploy overtly armed officers on routine duties on a daily basis in our towns and villages. It stretches credibility to ask us to believe that the threats and risks across Scotland are exactly the same everywhere. He failed to justify this change and I can only conclude that it is disproportionate to the risk.

“Few will be distracted by Kenny MacAskill’s poorly considered attempt to make this about the number of armed officers instead of about the fundamental change in approach which is concerning local communities. This only reinforces the need for a full formal review.

“No one in Scotland was asked about the decision to roll out this policy across the country. After months of widespread condemnation, it is beyond belief that we were met today by a Justice Secretary who has learnt nothing and done little.”

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