Help to Buy used by households with up to £100k income

Responding to the news that households with a gross income of up to £100,000 are getting help with a new home deposit through the Scottish Government’s Help to Buy scheme, Scottish Liberal Democrat housing spokesperson Caron Lindsay commented:

“People will be surprised to see households with an income of up to £100,000 accessing the SNP Government’s Help to Buy scheme. Households with this sort of income should be able to afford to buy a home without the government’s help.

“If the system is imbalanced then the risk is that Help to Buy drives up prices while having little effect on supply.

“The Scottish Government needs to consider whether this is really the best use of its resources. We could do so much more  for people on lower incomes.

“Ministers also need to reflect on the National Audit Office’s report last week which found that the equivalent scheme in England saw big builders raking in profits and the system being used by people who didn’t necessarily need it.”

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