Health Secretary must make A&E crisis a personal priority

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-Hamilton has today called on the Health Secretary to make fixing the NHS workforce crisis a “personal priority”.

A&E waiting times remain at record breaking levels, with the number of people being seen within the four-hour target time remaining at 71.3%, the same as last week.

The number of people this represents increased slightly, with 7,264 people waiting more than four hours, 1,871 people waiting more than eight hours and 612 people waiting more than twelve.

Commenting, Alex Cole-Hamilton said:

“Patients are in pain and are waiting too long. Staff are overstretched and under resourced. Those facts are now hallmarks of life in Scotland’s 14 years with the SNP in government.

“This crisis has escalated to levels that would have been unimaginable just months ago. These waiting times are not sustainable, and staff cannot and should not be expected to work through another six months of this.

“The pressure, stress and anxiety are off the scale, because people are not receiving the timely treatment they should be able to expect. In the worst cases, the under resourcing may well lead to unnecessary deaths. That’s why we need to see an independent review.

“Fixing this workforce crisis should be a personal priority for the Health Secretary. NHS staff deserve nothing less.”

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