Growth commission adviser says independence would mean less money for public services

Responding to comments by Dr David Skilling, who advised the SNP's Growth Commission, warning that an independent Scotland would have to immediately make spending cuts, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie commented:

Mr Rennie said:

"As SNP activists gather for their conference in Aberdeen, a respected member of the SNP's growth commission is being quite open about the fact that independence would mean less money for public services.

"The turmoil of Brexit has shown the damage caused by breaking relations with our neighbours. Independence would condemn Scotland to even greater chaos.

"Instead we should be using the existing powers of the Scottish Parliament to boost investment in education and mental health, building a high wage, high skill economy. We draw strength from our ability to share good ideas and resources with our UK and European neighbours.

"That is a positive prospectus for building the Scottish economy of the future, and one we can embark on now."

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