Green supporters who oppose independence should join Lib Dems

Responding to new polling showing a higher percentage of Scottish Green party supporters oppose independence than support it, Scottish Liberal Democrat campaign chair Alistair Carmichael MP said:

“The leaders of the Scottish Greens seem totally out of step with their own membership. Just this week their co-leader was outlining wild plans to ditch the pound. It seems as if they have been totally captured by the SNP.

“The climate emergency requires urgent action but the Green party wants to waste five years on the distraction of an independence referendum. That will do nothing for tackling Scotland’s emissions.

“Anyone concerned about tackling climate change should join the Liberal Democrats in putting a green recovery first. We have ambitious plans to move one million homes to zero emission heating by 2030, double the programmes to end fuel poverty and cut energy bills and deliver new national parks, and new woodlands close to where people live. That’s how we tackle the climate emergency, not independence.”


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