Government coffee cup ban should be followed by nationwide Latte Levy

Responding to the news that the Scottish Government has banned single-use coffee cups in their buildings, Liberal Democrat 'Save our Seas' campaigner Alistair Carmichael said:

“In January, Scottish Liberal Democrats uncovered that the Scottish Government were burning through a scandalous 1200 single use cups a day and challenged them to lead by example in reducing their coffee cup waste.

“It’s great news they’ve finally agreed to tackle their throwaway culture in Government buildings but the next step is to stop dithering and commit to introducing a Scotland wide ‘latte levy’ so that single use cups are sent packing just like plastic bags were.

“The crisis of plastic in our seas continues to grow, and we need to act quickly to stop the oceans from becoming a plastic soup. A levy would tackle the fact that only a fraction of cups are currently recycled, reducing waste, encouraging the use of reusable cups and raising substantial money for charity.”

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