Glasgow Shettleston

Matthew Clark
Candidate for Glasgow Shettleston

My name is Matthew Clark. I have made my home in Glasgow for the past ten years since moving to the city to study at Glasgow University. I now work for one of the financial services companies based in our city. I know life isn’t always easy, or fair, because I have been registered blind for all my life, have lived experience of mental health difficulties in both university and working life, and have experienced discrimination. But do I let this dampen my optimism or ambition – no. Life in Glasgow, living, working with, and learning from, diverse communities, has only made me more optimistic, more ambitious, for what we can achieve when we work together. Only the Scottish Liberal Democrats’ third way in politics, and putting recovery first, right now, I believe can help us bring some good from, and a greater future after, these challenging recent times. If you agree, please support me, and support the Scottish Liberal Democrats. Let’s put recovery first.



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