Free vote a test for Tory MPs - Chamberlain

Speaking in advance of Parliament’s vote on whether to refer Boris Johnson to the Privileges Committee, and responding to news that Conservative MPs will be allowed a free vote, Wendy Chamberlain said:

“People know that Boris Johnson is a liar. The long list of denials, deflections and excuses over the past months has done nothing to change the deep hurt that many people feel. The Prime Minister broke his own rules while they made enormous sacrifices to stick to them.

“The vote today is about whether Conservative MPs can do the right thing. The public outrage after they voted to let Owen Paterson off the hook last year should be a warning. If they choose to do the same thing now and stand by Boris Johnson then they will be condoning his disgraceful conduct.

“The Prime Minister wants to pass his fine off as a single isolated error, but what we have seen is a widespread culture of rule breaking across Downing Street. That is ultimately his responsibility, and he can’t escape it.

“I have heard from many constituents who are appalled and dismayed by the Prime Minister’s conduct. They expect him to resign, and every day that Tory MPs allow him to remain in office is another mark of shame on their party.”

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